Sunday, May 24, 2015

Learning Something New!

Hi everyone! I thought I'd post a quick update on a class I was lucky enough to take recently—a 3-day Chasing and Repoussé intensive with Liza Nechamkin Glasser at Genevieve Flynn's Studio in KC, MO.

Silversmith and Master Chaser, Liza Nechamkin Glasser teaches and exhibits her chased works nationally, and is the creator of Nechamkin Chasing Tools™. She worked for Tiffany and Company for 13 years as a Silversmith/Chaser and has work published in several books, including "Chasing and Repoussé Methods Ancient and Modern," by Nancy Megan Corwin. It was amazing to get to work so closely with such an expert in the field and to get first-hand knowledge and instruction straight from the source! Below is a beautiful sampling of Liza's work, taken from her website. I love the depth and texture she captures in her work.

Liza Nechamkin Glasser

The class was held at a local art studio here in Kansas City—Genevieve Flynn Studio. Genevieve is a Master Silversmith who has worked in precious metals for 40 years. She has degrees in jewelry design, jewelry repair and hand engraving, and has studied under masters such as Heikki Seppa, Fabrizio Acquafresca and Valentin Yotkov. Most recently, Genevieve was a "2015 Saul Bell Design Award winner" in Hollowware/Art Objects. Genevieve teaches, as well as hosts a "Metal Arts Visiting Master's Series Program" out of her own studio, where she brings in national and international master level instructors. It was beyond exciting to discover Genevieve Flynn's Studio, meet her, and now have the opportunity to learn from and work beside such renowned metal artists, without even having to leave Kansas City! I'm pretty excited, if you can't tell!

Genevieve Flynn

So, without further delay, here are some photos from my 3-day Chasing and Repoussé intensive. Enjoy!

Liza, Genevieve, Jane

Liza showing us how it's done.

Liza showing us how it's done.

She makes it look easy, but it's NOT!!

Detail shot.

Pennee and Jane





Day 1 - simple acetone transfer. (me)

Day 1 - chasing, lining, learning to use the tools. (me)

Day 2 - flipped the piece over and now embossing; Repoussé.

Day 2 - flipped the piece over and now embossing; Repoussé.

Day 3 - flipped the piece over again and now chasing and sculpting from the front.

Day 3 - experimenting with background patterns and more refining.

Day 3 - experimenting with background patterns and more refining.

My practice piece is finished.

What a fun experience! I really enjoyed learning about a new metal technique, and I met some wonderful metalsmiths, from KC and from around the country. Now that I have learned some basics about chasing and repoussé, and I have the tools I need, I look forward to continuing to practice and learn more. I've even cleared off part of my jeweler's bench for it. I also really look forward to taking more classes at Genevieve Flynn's Studio in the future, both with her one-on-one, as well as through her Visiting Master's Series Program. You should definitely check out her website and class schedule and attend a class yourself!

As always, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to see what I've been up to.