Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Show us your packaging!

This is my first time participating in the Aspiring Metalsmiths' team blogroll project! So exciting! And this month's topic is a subject I love -- my packaging design.

My goal with my packaging is for my customers to see how much detail and care I put into my jewelry, from start to finish. I want them to be excited to open their package, or to give it to their loved one as a special gift.

Packaging is also a great way to help build your brand and your brand identity. You can use it to create a cohesive brand experience for your customer. For my packaging, I always use kraft recycled-paper gift boxes, tied with beautiful bows of varying cool shades of green, blue, teal and white. These are the same colors I use on all of my branding -- business cards, stickers, banners and my online shops. I also tuck a business card, complete with a 'thank you note' and QR code, under the pretty ribbon, so it's sure to be seen.

This is my new business card design (front & back), complete with a OR code that links directly to my shop. If you'd like to make your own QR code, here is a link to a free QR code generator.
Tip: When choosing your output type, choose 'SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)'. Then your QR code can be sized up or down without any resolution problems. For example, I was able to use the same QR code file on both my business cards and my art fair booth banner.

Inside the boxes -- more branding, my logo design, my color palette, pretty tissue paper, anti-tarnish zip bags and jewelry care instruction sheets (not shown). I designed my logo and necklace cards in Illustrator and then printed them on heavy paper stock. And for my earrings, I chose to use commercial earring cards, stamped with a custom logo stamp.

I found this awesome shop on etsy that creates custom rubber stamps. Lisa from 'stampoutonline' provided super fast service and rushed my order to me in time for my art show. I LOVE how the stamp turned out, and it added the perfect touch to my earring cards! And the clear mount made it easy to line up my stamp and put it exactly where I wanted it! Very cool!

Well, that about covers everything with my current packaging design. I'm always looking for ways to improve my presentation, and I strive to make my packaging as special as the jewelry inside it. I must admit, I find it fun to package up an order, tie the pretty bow, send it on it's way and try to imagine how the recipient will feel when they open their box. :)

If you have a few minutes, check out some of the other Aspiring Metalsmiths' beautiful packaging! Enjoy!

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  1. Wow Amy! I'm so impressed - you have the brand and style thing nailed! Your packaging is really beautiful and absolutely sends the message that you have put time and attention into every detail. This is inspiring. Thanks for all the good tips too - I'm going to check out the stamps and maybe work on a QR code too.

  2. Beautiful! I'm partial to all shades of Aqua and so I heartily approve this announcement...;)

    CRAP! I forgot to participate again!

  3. You inspired me to get mine done! Want to reiterate again how much I love those aqua bows and the stamp!

  4. Oh I love those gorgeous blues, so fresh and pretty. What a great idea to put the code thingy on your card too, may have to see if I can do that too. Your customers must be so happy with your pretty packaging.

  5. Thanks so much everybody! It was fun to participate in the blogroll project this month! Looking forward to next month's topic!

    Sha, I used a free QR code generator at this link.

  6. Those ribbons are gorgeous! You did a great job on your cards too. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. A professionally crafted creative logo design is one of the greatest blessings for a company; whether it is big or small. It gives them an identity of their own and makes them different from others.