Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Crafty Chicks Show & Sale

Hello. I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos from last Saturday's Crafty Chicks Show & Sale. There were a wide variety of talented artists on hand and lots of great ideas for Christmas shoppers. It was a fun, festive day and I enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing their work.

Here are just a few of the artists at the show. Click on each photo to visit the artists' website or shop (if available), and do some Christmas shopping yourself. Enjoy. :)

Amy Estelle Metalworks (me) and my handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewelry

Amy Estelle Metalworks

Amy Estelle Metalworks

Cheryl Izzo and Gretchen Finch are two of the original chicks and organizers of the show. Cheryl creates elegant 'Letter' painted canvases, one of a kind frames, vintage button collages and journals. Gretchen makes beautiful vintage button inspired creations—button collages, sterling silver button bookmarks, and button bracelets.

Gretchen Finch

Cheryl Izzo

Cheryl Holtman, of Holtman Haus Studios, makes bright, modern, functional pottery
as well as raku fired decorative pieces

Cheryl Holtman, of Holtman Haus Studios

Michelle Darter, of Hue & I Design, creates one-of-a-kind lampshade artwork

Clara Porter, of Clara's Paperclip Jewelry, makes fun, fashionable jewelry from paperclips and beads

Karen Kawallek, of Lake Providence Lodge, custom blends her own amazing scented wax melts

Karen Kawallek, of Lake Providence Lodge

Cheryl Jaeger sews fun, colorful gifts—including patchwork clutches, doll quilts and writing kits

Cheryl Jaeger

Amy Cecil, of Apple Scraps, makes hand-soldered pendants with a fun, earthy vibe
from natural and recycled materials

Amy Cecil, of Apple Scraps

Karla Taylor makes beautifully charming 2D & 3D needle felting work

Flora Chang offers a wide variety of handmade wares, all incorporating her sweet, imaginative style

Flora Chang

Tag Team Tompkins is a mother/daughter collaborative, making art that honors literary wit and wisdom, including letterpress prints and original mixed media art

Tag Team Tompkins

Daniel Shanks, of Shankalonian Labs, upcycles old computers and dead electronic equipment into amazing sculptures and creations

Daniel Shanks, of Shankalonian Labs

Daniel Shanks, of Shankalonian Labs

Lorraine Elmore creates Christmas decorations made of paper and decoupaged glass
with a lovely Parisian feel. Kim Mallory makes charming paper mache shoes with a vintage touch. 

Lorraine Elmore

Kim Mallory

Julie Reed creates beautiful, unique crocheted items, such as scarves and felted, embellished brooches

Julie Reed

Thank you so much for visiting. Happy shopping everyone!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful recap of the Crafty Chicks show. What a fun day! Grateful to you for capturing these images!

  2. Very nice pictures, I enjoyed them very much.
    Everyone had really nice looking displays.
    I like the name "Crafty Chicks"
    Glad to see you more active with your jewlery making.